Friday, March 15, 2013


This is not a stereotypical blog post about the affinity of men for the non-truth. Lol, while that would be true, women lie too.

Anyway, I was just thinking about some of the crazy lies that men have told for such a long time about women that we believe to be true but may not be so.

1. Women are fragile

This is especially funny because I read somewhere that the threshold of pain that women can take is generally higher than men's. Example: Childbirth. I heard there is a new machine that simulates the level of pain that women encounter in labor. Only for the extremely brave of man-kind of course. I mean one could argue that not all women go through childbirth, and not all men cry over papercuts. But the fact that women endure this pain everyday, is enough to show that we have a much higher capacity for pain that men.

And let's not even talk about the monthly ummmm....pain that many women endure, even those who have decided they're not bearing children. I still think we should have a discretionary day of every month when it gets too real.

2. Women are too emotionally invested

I was thinking the other day,I have two friends who have names of significant others tattooed on their body....both are men. Also, try ignoring a guy after talking to them a lot. They get in their getting real quick, they all just show it differently, done by bloating up your phone with text messages... calls.... I'd attach screenshots but....that would be rude.AGAIN, this one can goo either way, but my point is that it's not solely a woman thing.

3. Women talk too much.

This one is just Soooo not true. Studies have shown that this simply isn't true. The study that said that women do gas been long discounted s incorrect user people still believe it.
Women are naturally better listeners and spend some time listening, also considering the male ego and general desire to be heard, men talk more than women, but we've all heard the opposite so much that women try to tone it down so we could be less talkative. So, ladies,I say, talk! TALK TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT. We have some catching up to do.

As usual, here are my musings, and they are EPIC


I just cut all my hair off........again. Lol! 5years ago in 2008, I cut all my hair off to go natural. I started again and BOY, it was a process. So why did I cut my hair again..........

Good Question. I figure a lot of people will be asking me that question so, Ive come up with a list of some true, some funny, some just weird possible reasons.

1. To be a short haired model
2. To be like India Arie
3. Its getting HOT
4. It started falling off because of stress
5. Had to get it before the chemo
6. I just wanna mess with people's minds
7. Trying to be like Amber Rose
8. I lost a bet
9. My boyfriend made me
10. Try something different
11. Save on my water bill
12. Save on my get ready time in the morning
13. Get in touch with my roots

Im gonna stop now. Feel free to pic from this list. In other news, I am STILL not my hair.