Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday fail

Went home to Houston this weekend to see my family. It was bittersweet. It was wonderful to see my moms and brother but definitely did not want to go back to Austin. Havent seen them since.. September,  I think.
As I drove off, my 7yr old bro TJ (who I adore) yells STOP! then runs to the car, opens up the back door, grabs a packet of cookies he had left from church earlier, and then shuts that door, opens my door, kisses me on the cheek and runs off. I was just.....broken. I wanted to turn around and scream, "Please PLEASE DONT MAKE ME GO BACK to...... law school." Lol.

Monday after i  had a panic moment while getting dressed. Tried to put on my belt and freaked out cuz it was much too short to go around my waist. I was like, Dang, I knew I added a few lbs but this is ridic. So, I try again and then I took a good look at the belts shiny hoops and realized it was not my belt, rather its T.J's.
Tender moments on a Monday morning.

Miss my baybay